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The ACME Corporation Poster on Kickstarter | Fringe Focus

A giant poster of every ACME product, ever.

126 drawings of explosives, gadgets, rockets, and more!

I watched every Coyote & Road Runner episode, then hand drew all 126 wacky gadgets, explosives, and items that appeared in the cartoons.

Tornado seeds! Giant magnets! Dynamite! Rocket powered roller skates! Anvils! Giant Rubber Bands! I spent over 100 hours illustrating, designing, and researching this one poster.

The fictional ACME Corporation appeared in nearly all 43 Coyote & Road Runner cartoons from 1949-1994. They make any product you can imagine. I’ve loved The ACME Corporation since I was a kid because they’re a true dream factory.

How amazing would it be if The ACME Corporation were real? That’s why I made this poster; to make our world a little crazier.

Only a giant 24×36″ poster can capture the incredible detail of these fun items. The posters will be beautifully screen printed on thick ‘Wild Cherry Red’ French Paper, signed and numbered by me. One poster is $30 and includes shipping anywhere in the US; $40 for anywhere else in the world.

This is my largest and most detailed project of my life, and I would love for you to be a part of it! This poster is available NOW only on Kickstarter.

The ACME Corporation Poster on Kickstarter | Fringe Focus | Close-up 1

The ACME Corporation Poster on Kickstarter | Fringe Focus | Close-up 2

The ACME Corporation Poster on Kickstarter | Fringe Focus | Close-up 3

Hit me on Twitter if you’d like to chat about this project, or Grab an ACME print now on Kickstarter! Thanks.

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