I am the law!

In November/December of 2013 I began work on a private commision with the awesome members of Statue Forum. They wanted me to apply my style to one of the better reboots of history, Dredd. I love Judge Dredd like I love Robocop, so I jumped on the project.

Working with the group privately, we picked what elements belong in the poster, and I even had folks vote on the paper colors.

The print focuses on the hallway-vibe of the movie, with Dredd and Judge Anderson defending themselves back to back, lawgiver ablaze with bullet fire.

Metallic Paper Version:

DDredd Metallic Poster | Fringe Focus

There were only 28 prints made on red paper, and 28 prints on metallic paper which sold out a long time ago in private. But I have FIVE artist’s proofs of the regular red AND metallic red editions, which I am putting up for sale Tuesday, March 11th at Noon CST. Cool? Cool.

  • 36″x12″ on Wild Cherry Red Paper / Red Metallic Paper
  • AP Edition of 5 each
  • Signed + Numbered

Available in the Fringe Focus Store.

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