Your favorite ACME gadgets, one print at a time!

I’m introducing a brand new print series, The ACME Inventory Series! The first three released in the series are the Anvil, the Hi-Speed Tonic, and the Tornado Kit.

ACME Inventory Series | Hi-Speed Tonic | Fringe Focus

The ACME Inventory Series is a collection of the greatest ACME products. Each 8 x 8″ signed screen print features a wacky gadget from the fictional ACME Corporation. I once drew a giant poster of all 126 products made by ACME. This upgraded series shows each product in more detail. I hope this series serves to make our favorite dream factory a bit more real.

ACME Inventory Series | Tornado Kit | Fringe Focus

I’m really happy with how these prints turned out! These first three collectible prints are testing the waters for more. If y’all really like these prints, I’d be happy to release even more ACME prints at a later date. They should look awesome in a hallway, living room, office, etc. The initial release is an open edition, which means (unlike my previous ACME posters) these should be available in the store for a while without selling out. But future prints could indeed be limited edition. Grab your ACME Inventory prints now. Starting at just $25.

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