Fringe Focus ships out thousands of packages a year. That’s a HUGE opportunity to make thousands of pieces of art 100% sustainable (or close to it), with little to no negative effect on the environment! Some details on how Fringe Focus tries to make Earth better, instead of treating it like a toilet.


  • Fringe Focus shipping boxes are 100% recycled material. They’re also 100% recyclable (can be recycled again) & biodegradable (easily decomposed).
  • You too can source 100% recycled boxes from Eco-Enclose. Highly recommended.


Fringe Focus Explorers Shipping Tubes (Astronaut and Diver)

  • All Fringe Focus custom poster tubes are 100% recycled paperboard & are 100% recyclable. We recommend Yazoo Mills instead of shitty suppliers like ULine.
  • Note: Currently just the tube end caps are made of plastic. Working on finding a sustainable end cap. Until then try keeping your Fringe Focus poster tube & using it for storage. Or protect your art when you move. Reduce, re-use, recycle!



  • There is a 100% recycled paper alternative to bubble wrap! It’s called Greenwrap‘. Great for protecting frames & other fragile packages. Also available at Eco-Enclose.
  • Fringe Focus uses kraft paper to protect prints, posters, and frames which is also 100% recycled & recyclable.


  • Most Fringe Focus posters are printed on cover stock from French Paper Co. in Michigan. This paper plant has run on 100% hydroelectric power since 1922! No fossil fuels are used making the poster paper at the factory! They also use recycled post-consumer fibers, but the percentage varies by color.
  • While the majority of prints are on French Paper, a few prints need Mohawk paper which is technically 100% wind-powered. This wind power is purchased via credits post-production, thus good for the environment, but not as ideal as French’s solution.


I am Groot | Wood Portrait | Fringe Focus

  • All Fringe Focus wood artwork / housewares are produced on renewable hardwoods sourced from sustainable forests in the US.
  • Currently our Cherry wood is harvested, and this is the truth, by the Amish… with horses! And hand saws. That means no power whatsoever. Imagine your art starting as a tree, cut down by hand, and pulled by horses!


  • Most Fringe Focus posters are screen printed sustainably by VGKids in Michigan. So inks on Fringe Focus posters are water-based and eco-friendly.
  • VGKids does direct-to-screen writing. No films. Stops the usage & waste of TONS of plastic for exposing images. Hooray!
  • When using the in-house laser cutter, Fringe Focus doesn’t produce any products by lasering plastics / acrylic (bad fumes, VOCs). And if we’re printing with wood blocks, we also use eco-friendly inks.

All of this info will remain permanently in the Fringe Focus FAQ for future reference. Will also add to it over time.