Oh man! We got some cool lookin’ Apollo 11 t-shirts up in here!

I love how the Apollo 11 posters turned out (the actual ink and paper just look great close-up). So I managed to fit every single Apollo 11 gadget illustration (without re-sizing) onto a single t-shirt! ‘Midnight Navy’ tees with metallic silver ink.

69 NASA gadgets and materials that flew to the moon in 1969, all on a comfy fitted Next Level t-shirt:

Apollo 11 T-Shirts | Fringe Focus

The text and descriptions of each object are much too small to be legible on fabric, so they have been removed to make the design a bit cleaner for something simple like a shirt. But all the details of every object drawing are still there! I also added a ‘July 20, 1969’ date to the shirt design, just because it’s cool and might make a good conversation starter.

All shirts are $29, come in sizes from Small through XX-Large, and are available right now.

Apollo 11 T-Shirts | Fringe Focus
Note: I am quite suddenly in the middle of moving my entire workshop (and the shipping operation) to a NEW location in Chicago. Your orders (and these shirts) will be shipping from:

Fringe Focus Inc.
2811 N Pine Grove Ave, Floor 1
Chicago, IL 60657

This new shipping office is much MUCH closer to my home, and more efficient. So I’m able to ship a few orders every day! So if you’re waiting on a package, know that I’ve just made a huge step towards making this much faster. Exciting!