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List of Fringe Focus Projects in 2014

Happy New Year!

2013 was a great year (and the first full year) for Fringe Focus. The ACME Corporation poster was a huge success in late 2012, and that helped fund an entire workshop for me in Chicago. I now store and ship all of my prints from that workshop in Chicago, and have acquired a laser engraver to bring my art to wooden goodies! I sold enough art to survive and keep Fringe Focus afloat with ZERO client work whatsoever. Fringe Focus is 100% art-focused and customer supported, with no commercial work. It’s good for me, it’s good for you, even if it is more difficult than a traditional client-based design company like I had in 2010-2012.

2013 had a small number of BIG projects, which isn’t quite as fun as working on something new every day. There’s a lot of risk involved with having a gigantic project fail, and in 2014 I’d like to mitigate that risk by doing a lot of SMALL projects. So I’m setting up a very loose structure this year to release something every day, for 365 days.

Makin’ Stuff for 365 Days:

I won’t be making a poster every day or anything insane like that. I will continue to make really detailed artwork, and posters that require 2 weeks of illustration time. But in between those huge releases, I’d like to do a post every day, right here on this blog. It could be a single interesting photograph, a quote from an author I’m reading, a comic strip, a small poster, a video, a tutorial, and the list goes on… I don’t care what I put out each day, as long as I’m thinking and producing something. March Edit: Releasing a blog post every single day worked for a while, but was eating up too much of my drawing time. So now it’s a more relaxed “several projects a week” plan instead of a 365 project. Good art takes more than 24 hours, unfortunately. So continue to check everything out, but most daily updates will be on Twitter.

Expect big projects. Expect a gigantic and exciting screen print series called ‘The Uprising’ from me… it has robots! But also expect more small things.

Things I know I’ll be releasing in 2014:

  • A few running series of 8×8″ prints. Smaller work means a faster turnaround of ideas, lower prices, and collectability.
  • One of these series is related to my ACME Corporation poster!
  • Another series is HUGE, both in scope and theme. It has robots.
  • In addition to coasters, I may start making lamps using my laser & CNC.
  • I may end up taking one singular client, a brewery, to be chosen by me at a later date.
  • iPhone / iPad / Android skins and cases. My art, on wood, on your phone!
  • Lots and lots of MAKE DAYS. Expect at least 2 in January alone. We can work together to release products in one 24 hour period, with a lot of weird themes.

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