Every 007 Gadget Ever: The Desk of Q Poster Process

Desk of Q (007) Poster

Let me start off by saying that illustrating every James Bond gadget is a really, really big task. Continuing my Famous Desks series, I wanted to include the mother of all gadget collections. The 007 franchise has probably more famous gadgets and weapons than any other series of anything, ever. So here’s the details on The Desk of Q


I watched every official James Bond movie dating back to 1962 (Dr. No). I watched all 23 movies in a row, and included a gadget from the trailer of SPECTRE (The new 007 film coming out later this year). Note: Even though this is unofficial fan art, I did not watch or include any non-EON Bond films (there are some parodies and unofficial films that many folks don’t exactly count as canon).

That’s 24 movies of content, that I had to boil down to just the brief seconds or minutes a gadget appeared, so I could take notes. So, maybe 50 hours of that alone. I would often just draw the poster WHILE other films were on my TV, but would tend to pause whenever Q showed up.

Layout and Illustration Process Animation


Click image to view larger. This is a huge series of snapshots taken throughout the entire 100+ hour drawing process. Basically 5-6 weeks of drawing (Drawing was slow due to the research/detail required), all boiled down to like 1 minute of footage. The composition built itself over time, as I found the best places to hide more gadgets (big and small) on walls, shelves, desks, etc.

The room itself is a mix of the basement pillars from Skyfall, a testing area from Goldfinger (Connery Era), glass testing room from the Moore era, and the subway tunnel wall / pool table is from the Brosnan era. So even the entire location of Q branch is an anachronistic mix of all films.

The Gadgets List

If you have already bought the Q poster, or are considering it, here is an exhaustive list of what gadgets are present in the poster, so you can hunt them down on your wall.

What gadgets are NOT on the list: Gadgets that Bond creates or finds the field. Villain gadgets / villain transportation. Any transportation Bond uses that is not directly shown in a Q scene. Any gadgets from pre-title sequences that aren’t clearly from Q Branch (Things like a ski pole rifle, or the Jet Pack). Gadgets from non-EON 007 films.

What gadgets ARE included: Gadgets directly given to 007 by Q himself. Gadgets used that have any mention to Q Branch. Any gadget seen functioning within Q’s laboratory and workshop, even if 007 does not use it.  Gadgets clearly sent to 007 by Q Branch from afar, etc. And any gadgets Q happens to interact with or mention.

  • 1962 Walther PPK
  • 1963 Attache briefcase w/ Knife
  • Talcum Powder Tear Gas Container
  • 1964 Gas Emitting Parking Meter
  • Aston Martin DB5
  • Miniature Homing Beacons
  • Shoe w/ Hidden Heel Compartment
  • 1965 Wristwatch with Geiger Counter
  • Infrared Underwater Camera
  • Miniature Flare Gun
  • Miniature Rebreather
  • Radioactive Homing Pill
  • 1967 Little Nellie (Helicopter)
  • 1969 Radioactive Lint
  • 1971 Voice Changing Algorithm Machine
  • Slot Machine Ring
  • (Grappling hook is included, to stand in for various grappling hook devices from all films)
  • 1973 Buzzsaw Wristwatch w/ Magnetic Shielding
  • 1974 Prosthetic Nipple (I know, I know)
  • 1977 Underwater Submarine Lotus
  • Tea Tray with Blade Edges
  • Hookah / Machine Gun
  • Seat with Knife Blade
  • Cement Blasting Shooters
  • Wet Bike
  • 1979 Wrist Dart Gun
  • Hydrofoil Boat
  • Exploding Bolas (w/ Test Dummy)
  • Sleeping Man w/ Machine Gun Inside
  • Laser Rifles
  • Explosive Wristwatch
  • Mirror with Hidden Television
  • Boat Mines
  • Boat Torpedoes
  • Hang-glider
  • 1981 Fake Arm Cast
  • Umbrella with Claw Spikes
  • Indentigraph Machine
  • Digital Communication Wristwatch
  • Various radios and Red Phone
  • 1983 Acrostar Jet
  • Tracking Wristwatch
  • Acid Pen
  • Faberge Egg Homing Beacon
  • Television Wristwatch
  • Union Jack Hot Air Balloon
  • Solid Rope
  • Body Crushing Spikey Door
  • 1985 Snooper Robot
  • Image Combining Machine / Microscope
  • 1987 Ghetto Blaster
  • Aston Martin with Outriggers / Lasers, etc.
  • Revolving Sofa Trap
  • Gas Emitting Key Chain
  • Skeleton Key
  • Rake / Antenna
  • 1989 Laser Polaroid Camera
  • Alarm Clock Explosive
  • Dentonite Toothpaste
  • Cigarette Pack Explosive Trigger
  • Camera Gun
  • Radio Broom
  • 1995 Grappling Belt
  • Explosive Pen
  • Wheelchair with Missile Launcher
  • Phone Booth Booby Trap
  • X-Ray Scanning Tea Tray
  • Office Chair (that launches people in the air? I guess?)
  • 1997 Ericcson Cell Phone with Remote Driving Screen for a BMW
  • 1999 Q’s Boat
  • Pool Table (Splits open to reveal a car)
  • Bagpipe Weapon
  • Inflatable Ski Jacket Ball
  • 2002 Glass Shattering Ring
  • Invisible Car (Good luck finding it!)
  • Virtual Reality Sunglasses for Combat Training
  • Wristwatch with Detonator
  • 2006 (Technically no Q gadgets, because no Q)
  • 2008 (Also no Q gadgets, no Q)
  • 2012 Radio Transmitter
  • Walther PPK with Hand Signature
  • 2015 Aston Martin DB10

So that’s 81 gadgets on the list, plus a few other objects from Q’s workshop strewn about the design, for a total of around 90 things.

Here is a detail shot of the poster:

Desk of Q Process Animation GIF

This took forever to draw, but I’m really happy that there’s finally a visual collection of Q gadgets all in one place. I have screen printed this poster with red ink, but also made a metallic gold variant that will have metallic gold flake.

Desk of Q Metallic Gold Variant

All Desk of Q posters are limited edition, so get one while supplies last! All posters are 12 x 36″ screen prints, signed and numbered by me personally.

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