Every James Bond gadget ever made by Q Branch. 90+ weapons and spy gadgets from all 24 films, in one big poster.

“Now pay attention 007.” I watched every single James Bond movie in a row, took notes, and drew every single item Q branch has ever made. Basically 50 hours of movies and over 100 hours of drawing. It was exhausting and brutal, but so worth it.

Items from 1962 to 2015 are present in this poster. That’s Dr. No (Bond’s Walther PPK) all the way to SPECTRE (The new Aston Martin DB10 seen in the trailer). As far as fan art is concerned, this is probably the most insanely detailed print tribute to the 007 catalog ever. Like, my brain hurts from how long this took, haha.


Even without the silly villain gadgets or gadgets Bond finds in the field, the gadgets from Q Branch alone amounted to over 90 items I illustrated for the poster. The DB5, underwater Lotus, grappling belts, guns, tons of cool watches, explosives, the rebreather, and so so many more. This includes several strange gadgets only briefly seen in Q’s laboratories and workshop.

Desk of Q Poster Detail Photo

And a detail shot of the Metallic Gold variant:

The Desk of Q (007) Metallic Detail Photo

Here’s 100 hours of drawing compressed into 1 minute:

Desk of Q Animation Process