How I illustrated The Desk of Dr. Venkman

Desk of Dr. Venkman Close Up

Back off man, I’m a scientist.

Continuing with my series of Famous Desks posters, I sat down and drew all the gadgets from what is probably the greatest movie of all time (okay, it’s in the ballpark). I collected the proton pack, ghost trap, Ecto-1, and a ton of other goodies to make a Desk of Dr. Venkman poster. This unofficial fan poster ended up looking pretty awesome, and it was fun to take a super close look at the interior of the Ghostbusters firehouse. I tried to make the layout of the firehouse super accurate (within reason). Tweaked the perspective a bit so there’s great detail on the proton pack as well as the Ecto-1.

Desk of Dr. Venkman Poster | Ghostbusters

I think there’s 33 gadgets or items in this one, not counting structural elements like the poles, door, floor, etc. The items span from both Ghostbusters movies, albeit the majority are from the first film (since Ghostbusters 2 largely uses the same stuff).

Desk of Dr. Venkman Animation Process

I forgot how many hours of drawing this one was. Nothing terrible like 100 hours, this was probably closer to 60 hours by the time it went to print. You can see each and every step, from sketch to finished poster in the animation here. Or check out this 1000px wide animation of this poster.

The Desk of Dr. Venkman is a 2 color screen print that is 36 inches wide by 12 inches tall. It’s signed and numbered by me, with an edition size of just 325. Available now in the store!

Desk of Dr. Venkman GLOW IN THE DARK

Also available is this rarer “Slime” variant in which I drew a bunch of gross ectoplasm all over everything in the firehouse. It glows in the dark! During the day it looks just like regular edition, but at night you can see this slime peeking through. The slime variant poster has an edition of just 175 and is available now.

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