Poster: Birds of Prey

"Birds of Prey" Poster - Fringe Focus

Update: This 24″ poster is now available for purchase on my Kickstarter Poster Project!

Triptych anyone? This is the third poster in my recently dubbed “Predators” series. Earlier this month I was working on designs with sharks (sea) and wolves (land), so now I’ve moved on to birds (sky). These birds are no particular species, just my own mix of eagle / hawk / raven / nightmare.

I spent a lot of time to make sure the sharks and wolves in the previous posters looked like vicious predators. With birds it’s a bit tougher, because unless you’re a rabbit or mouse, they’re not all that terrifying. Nevertheless, I think I captured the energy of an attack here.

"Predators" Poster Series - Fringe Focus

All for One, One for All

Blue, white, red, and lots of colors in between. These posters were all made to mirror each other, and I put a lot of effort into making sure they all borrowed a similar composition. Crazy hypno-patterns, distant bright light, predators and in some cases, prey. Go ahead and check out a large shot of all three posters together on my Flickr.

All three designs feature apex predators, hypnotic patterns, and pretty intense ranges of color. I really dug drawing these birds, probably went through a dozen or so variations of the feathers before I settled on the final look.

If I got these printed, would you be interested in the whole set of three? I could also try printing only one of the three. Or an alternate route would be to print one GIANT poster that integrated all three designs. What do you think?

I’ll work on more posters this month, next month, and beyond. Going to explore some more ideas outside of this series, so stay tuned!

As always, here’s iPhone / iPad / Android wallpapers.

What do you think of this poster? Hit me up in the comments!

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