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"Frostbite" Poster - Fringe Focus

Update: This 24″ poster is now available for purchase on my Kickstarter Poster Project!

“Frostbite” is the newest poster in my newly created “Predators” series. This is a follow-up to the popular “Infested Waters” poster I designed last week. I really enjoyed creating the chaotic patterns and drawing the sharks, so I decided I’d run with that visual theme. There’s a lot of tension showing predators and their potential prey, so I wanted to capture that again with wolves.

The background is a lot of tedious vector work, but it totally pays off. I kept the wolves as simple and sleek as I did the sharks, which brings a lot of the focus to their sinister faces. The textures and color palette are important, but less is more in this case. Overall I think it looks pretty badass.

I’ve already had a number of requests for prints of the “Infested Waters” poster. I’m absolutely looking into this. Posters let me explore concepts I’d never get to use in client work, so expect to see more of this stuff this year. If and when I go to print, rest assured that the prints will be devastatingly cool. First step is to keep drawing. You can also check out this poster on my Flickr.

Lastly, last week I had requests for iPod / iPad wallpapers. I’ve whipped those together for this design as well. Feel free to download the wallpaper and subsequently cover up all the good parts with icons for Angry Birds and Google Maps.

What do you think of this poster? Drop me some comments!

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