Shipping Update & The Poker Lexicon

The Poker Lexicon | Poker Vocabulary Poster | Fringe Focus

This poker poster is a major step for me and the company. I’ve been recovering from severe Major Depressive Disorder, and was unable to draw / ship / operate for several months. This poster is entirely an effort to bring funds (and normalcy) back to Fringe Focus, so I can order materials, ship tubes, ship frames, etc. In addition to depression being an insanely tough battle, I also have to pay for this leave of absence (literally) due to my lack of any art releases since June 2016.

My goal is to ship The Poker Lexicon posters later, towards the end of April. My priorities instead will be on older orders / packages (Apollos, Frames, etc.) throughout March. I hope to revamp customer service, answer emails, etc. Truly sorry about the trouble, and I hope to keep everyone posted now that I’m building things back up.

250 poker terms in one densely packed infographic poster.

The Poker Lexicon

While I haven’t been playing much recently, throughout my life I’ve been super fascinated and psyched about poker. My friends and I often had Texas Hold’em tournaments (home games, we sadly aren’t very good). There is insane depth and complexity to the game. It’s a profession, a culture, a way of life for some people… and all you really need is a deck of cards.

The Poker Lexicon | Poker Vocabulary Infographic Poster | Fringe Focus

I wrote down everything I’ve learned over the years, and collected hundreds more poker terms into a spreadsheet. Then I boiled this down into roughly 250 terms across 52 categories. I organized all of these (somehow) into an illustrated 18 x 24″ infographic poster.

The Poker Lexicon is ridiculously densely packed. Like if you didn’t know much about poker, this is plenty to get you started. If you DO know a lot about poker, then this is a simply a way better looking alternative to any poker related art that I’ve seen.

  • The Poker Lexicon | Poker Vocabulary Infographic Posters
  • Title: The Poker Lexicon
  • Signed by Rob Loukotka
  • 18 x 24″
  • 2 Color screen print

Available now for just $39

These open edition posters will be screen printed on thick 100C cover stock. Each big 18 x 24″ poster will be signed by hand (by me!). I loved researching this print and finally getting back to work. If you have any other ‘Lexicon’ (vocab) type posters you’d like to see me do, let me know! This one was fun.

— Rob Loukotka, Donk (that means I’m bad at poker)

PS – Thanks for all of your help and patience over the past year! I hope 2017 will be awesome.

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