The Poker Lexicon | Poker Vocabulary Poster | Fringe Focus

250 Poker Terms. One Poster.

35 detailed poker illustrations, 52 categories, 200ish definitions, and 250 poker terms all on an 18 x 24″ screen printed infographic poster.

The Poker Lexicon | Poker Vocabulary Infographic Poster | Fringe Focus

Since I tend to draw things I generally nerd out about in real life (Apollo program, movies, The ACME Corporation, etc.), I figured it was about time to tackle the world of poker. My friends and I often play tournaments of Texas Hold’em (home games, we aren’t… good). The more years I’ve played, the more I realize how bad I am and how infinite the rabbit hole of poker knowledge truly is.

This poster is a insanely densely packed matrix of poker categories, and poker terms along with their definitions. I did detailed illustrations for any categories that still had room. I even created an entire deck of cards from scratch (that’s 52 cards), including my own suit designs, face cards, backs, etc. just to BEGIN creating this poster. Yes, the matching deck of cards will be available for sale at some point, but I am still doing the finishing touches and negotiating with printers (it is sadly not cheap or easy).

This is the first project I’ve completed, the first poster I have made, since my long & arduous & stupidly slow recovery from pretty severe depression. (More on that here). I hope to use the funds from this poster to finally make Fringe Focus a lot more efficient, so I can draw more posters, ship more art, and just generally be a human being. Trying very hard this month, so expect to hear more from me soon! – Rob Loukotka

Poker Vocabulary Infographic Poster | Framed

18 x 24″ Frames include laser engraved gallery plaques that we securely attach here in my workshop. Your print title is automatically noted (in this case, The Poker Lexicon) and one of these wooden title tags will appear on your frame.