The Desk of Dr. Venkman

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Product image 1The Desk of Dr. Venkman
Product image 2The Desk of Dr. Venkman

Back off man, I’m a scientist.

Finally. As the 6th desk in my Famous Desks series, I illustrated the office of Dr. Peter Venkman. As a kid, I watched Ghostbusters on loop every single day, so I was surprised at how many of these items I could almost draw from memory.

The desk itself is pretty accurate to the location in the film, and I spun the viewpoint around so we can see the Ecto-1 in the garage area as well.

There are 33 items hidden throughout the poster, coming from both films in the series. (Admittedly, MOST of the items are Ghostbusters I, but there’s some Ghostbusters II stuff as well).


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