Every ACME product ever, in a cave. 126 rockets, gadgets, and explosives from our favorite desert coyote.

I drew every single object that Wile E. Coyote ever purchased from the ACME Corporation, and put them all in this gigantic desert cave. Every ACME product is an original drawing, marking the second time I have drawn all 126 ACME items from scratch. I’m a glutton for punishment.

This is officially the most detailed and complex poster I’ve ever drawn. It’s essentially a merger of my Famous Desks series, and my catalog of every ACME Corporation product ever made. It’s simultaneously more complicated than my Indiana Jones Desk, Tony Stark Desk, and original ACME Corporation catalog poster combined.

The Desk of Mr. Coyote | Famous Desks | Fringe Focus

This new print sneakily hides TONS of easter eggs throughout the cave, it’ll take you a while to find everything. In an effort to fit all 126 items into one cave, some of the items are references (like the clock next to the dynamite means Time Bomb). All your weapons and rocket-powered fun stuff is here (either directly, or alluded to on a crate/book/shelf), as is the boring stuff like lumber, lightning rods, and bird seed.

Desk of Mr. Coyote Poster Detail Photo

If you didn’t already know, I had a WILDLY successful poster on Kickstarter in 2012 that was a big flat catalog of all the ACME Corporation items. That poster has been long sold out, and I figured my ‘Famous Desks‘ series was finally a way to venture back into cartoon territory.

The Desk of Mr. Coyote Metallic Variant | Famous Desks | Fringe Focus


Since I suspect this print will be relatively popular, I went ahead and created a fancy Luxury Metallic ‘Sunset’ Variant (seen above) for folks who want a more unique look. The standard Red & Cream color scheme is the regular, but the Metallic Sunset Variant has warmer colors coated in metallic gold flake, to make the whole design shimmer. It’s subtle but VERY cool. The variant is an edition of just 150. The regular color scheme is an edition of 450. All signed and numbered by me!