The Apollo 11 Collection

The Apollo 11 Collection

The Apollo 11 Collection Poster

I spent basically a whole month researching all of the original manifests and stowage lists of NASA’s Apollo 11 mission. I collected over 200 items that we sent to the moon, and illustrated 69 of them on one poster (in reference to the historic 1969 moon landing).

200+ items, 69 illustrations, on one 18×24″ poster printed with metallic silver ink. Available now on Kickstarter.

This poster follows in the footsteps of my popular ACME Corporation poster (which collected 126 ACME Co. items). The ACME print took forever to draw, and raised $105,000 on Kickstarter. This Apollo poster is similarly ambitious, but a bit more factual / educational.

Apollo 11 Collection in the news

The Apollo 11 Collection has already been featured on Gizmodo / io9,, Mental Floss, Cool Material, Tested, and more!

Adam Savage (of Mythbusters / Tested) digs it too! Very humbling and cool because I’ve been a huge fan of Tested and Mythbusters forever, and I know Adam is an even bigger Apollo 11 nerd than I am (and I am a big nerd).

Basically, this poster is super fascinating if you have any interest in space tech, space history, or NASA gadgets in general. It’s going to look great up on a wall, and is available for just $29 (with free shipping in the US) on Kickstarter. 9 days left in the campaign as of right now, so get at it!

The Apollo 11 Collection Close Up

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