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Product image 1Dinosaur Fossil Coasters
Product image 2Dinosaur Fossil Coasters
Product image 3Dinosaur Fossil Coasters
Product image 4Dinosaur Fossil Coasters

Dino DNA!

Set of 4 wooden coasters:

Permian / Dimetrodon

Triassic / Eoraptors

Jurassic / Stegosaurus

Cretaceous / Tyrannosaurus Rex

Each dinosaur coaster features a different fossil layer from past epochs. Technically the Dimetrodon in the Permian is not a dinosaur, but he looked cool so he’s in there! The Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous feature dinosaurs from their period. Each coaster is also labeled with how many millions of years ago each period lasted.

These wooden coasters are roughly 4″ wide, and come in packs of 4 (one of each dinosaur fossil), or packs of 8 (two of each dinosaur fossil). Each coaster is laser engraved in alder wood, and sealed for protection from drinks and condensation.

Also check out the matching Dinosaur Fossil Bookends!

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