As you may know, I’ve been illustrating a huge new series this year called Famous Desks. I’ve already done huge prints of The Desk of Tony Stark, The Desk of Indiana Jones, and The Desk of Wile E. Coyote. So now that I am working on (soon to be announced) fourth Famous Desk… I was playing a bit in Photoshop today to make sure all my compositions had a tiny bit of cohesion. Every poster is wildly different, yes, but due to the perspective, layout, and size it was really neat to create a big messy hybrid of all the desks laid on top of each other. So, behold, this abomination that I made in 5 minutes:

Famous Desks Composite Abomination

(Click image for full view, if you dare) Yes it looks ridiculous. But there’s definitely a clear relationship between the desks, object arrangements, areas of light and dark, etc. Anyway, look forward to another messy desk soon! I just thought this weird image was worth sharing. Have a good day.