Fringe Focus Explorers Shipping Tubes (Astronaut and Diver)

The coolest packaging this side of the universe.

Cardboard boxes are pretty boring, and shipping tubes are boring-er yet. Plain white end caps, brown paper, and pretty much nothing else. Shipping materials are an eyesore in my shop and in your home, but not anymore!

I’ve customized the shit out of these all new Fringe Focus shipping tubes, with an infinite wraparound print of the coolest explorers: astronauts and old timey deep sea divers. There’s an obvious visual connection between dive suits and space suits, and I couldn’t think of anything more appropriate to draw on tubes that will travel to every corner of the earth. I’m introducing these shipping tubes now, so if you buy a print or poster in the Fringe Focus store, it should come in one of these. Housewares & wood items still come in cardboard boxes, but I expect to make cool versions of those someday as well.

I’ve found that a lot of folks KEEP shipping tubes in their closets, cabinets, and shelves in the event that they want to protect a poster during a move, or give a gift to a friend. Now those ugly tubes you have held onto can look awesome instead. I tried to make the illustration on the tubes cool enough that you’ll feel really guilty throwing it away at all. Haha.

The Astronaut/Diver ‘Explorers’ shipping tubes are free. They’ll just come automatically with whatever posters you order from me. Shipping is still free as well for US orders over $70, and just $6 flat for smaller orders. ‘Explorers’ Tubes are 4″ wide / 18″ long for small posters, 24″ long for medium posters, and 32″ long for really big posters. The design is essentially an infinite loop of black ink on kraft paper. Each tube has black end caps (since they look cooler than white ones). ‘Explorers’ tubes will be shipped to the US and internationally, so yay!

Anyway, grab a poster to get your hands on these tubes.