“Well, let’s say this Twinkie represents the normal amount of psychokinetic energy in the New York area. Based on this morning’s sample, it would be a Twinkie… thirty-five feet long, weighing approximately six hundred pounds.”

I have seen Ghostbusters likely more times than any other movie in my life. As I kid I would wear my Ghostbuster suit to the grocery store. I had a proton pack, trap, Ecto-1, goggles, every toy imaginable. So this poster is a long time coming.

Something Strange In Your Neighborhood

I tried to capture the tone of the movie in this illustration, specifically the sequence where you see them running all over the city busting ghosts. They’re jaded, tired, blue-collar workers halfway through the movie. So I tried to show Dr. Venkman’s apathy to whole situation by lighting up a cigarette and ignoring the ghost bustin’. Obviously this is not a shot from the movie, but more of a fabricated scenario that I like to imagine happened at some point.

This is a limited edition 3-color screen print. I will ship your poster within a week of your order.

Something Strange in Your Neighborhood Fringe Focus

What is an ‘Artist’s Proof’? Artist’s Proofs are the exact same print as the Main Edition, printed on the same paper at the same time. But they are my personal collection of prints, and usually comprise just 5 to 20% of the total print run. The noticeable difference is a lower edition quantity and the marking ‘AP’ written next to the number. Both the Main Edition and the Artist’s Proof are signed by the artist.