Uprising: The Ruins of Chicago | Poster

“Eventually, I think Chicago will be the most beautiful great city left in the world.” – Frank Lloyd Wright

Uprising: The Ruins of Chicago (Close-up) | Poster

Vintage Travel Posters  for our dystopian future!

I live in Chicago. And it hurts us when every movie destroys New York City and Los Angeles, and we just sit here ignored. No longer! I have seen a vision of the future, when our artificial intelligence rebels against us and destroys our world, one city at a time. And sure, it starts with the city that I just happen to know the building details of so it was easier to draw…

A few years ago I actually wrote down the idea for this poster. Something like ‘giant robots destroying cities that don’t get destroyed often enough in movies’. So this has been lingering in my head for a while. While I know Chicago serves as Man of Steel‘s Metropolis, and was also destroyed in a Transformers movie (meh), I wanted to create some giant robots of my own and have them throw some buildings around.

My original title was just “The Uprising” but I figured adding “The Ruins of Chicago” is better for clarification. I would LOVE to tackle some other cities, especially ones that aren’t normally destroyed in TV or movies. But in order to continue this series, this Chicago print has to be a success because this damn thing took forever to draw. Not the most complicated print ever (that still goes to my Desk of Q print), but pretty intense. So if this is popular or you guys dig it, maybe I’ll destroy some more cities. Let me know!

These posters will ship around the end of April (2017), as I am using the funds from this month’s poster releases to ship a large quantity of older orders. Stay tuned to my Newsletter for details.

Uprising: The Ruins of Chicago FRAMED 18x24" | Poster
Also available with an 18 x 24″ Frame. With attached laser engraved plaque w/ the print’s title!