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Apollo 11 T-Shirts! Apollo 11 T-Shirts | Fringe Focus

Oh man! We got some cool lookin’ Apollo 11 t-shirts up in here!

I love how the Apollo 11 posters turned out (the actual ink and paper just look great close-up). So I managed to fit every single Apollo 11 gadget illustration (without re-sizing) onto a single t-shirt! ‘Midnight Navy’ tees with metallic silver ink.

69 NASA gadgets and materials that flew to the moon in 1969, all on a comfy fitted Next Level t-shirt:

Apollo 11 T-Shirts | Fringe Focus

The text and descriptions of each object are much too small to be legible on fabric, so they have been removed to make the design a bit cleaner for something simple like a shirt. But all the details of every object drawing are still there! I also added a ‘July 20, 1969’ date to the shirt design, just because it’s cool and might make a good conversation starter.

All shirts are $29, come in sizes from Small through XX-Large, and are available right now.

Apollo 11 T-Shirts | Fringe Focus
Note: I am quite suddenly in the middle of moving my entire workshop (and the shipping operation) to a NEW location in Chicago. Your orders (and these shirts) will be shipping from:

Fringe Focus Inc.
2811 N Pine Grove Ave, Floor 1
Chicago, IL 60657

This new shipping office is much MUCH closer to my home, and more efficient. So I’m able to ship a few orders every day! So if you’re waiting on a package, know that I’ve just made a huge step towards making this much faster. Exciting!

ACME Corporation T-SHIRTS! ACME Corporation T-Shirt | Anvil Explosives | Fringe Focus

Oh man, these are great! You’ve wanted them, here they are: ACME Corporation T-Shirts

Screen printed on ‘Cardinal’ red Next Level fitted tees, the ACME shirts feature your favorite fictional company’s Anvils, dynamite, and a giant magnet! The shirt fabric is soft slightly heathered, and should help make the design feel authentic and vintage (despite being created this month).

ACME Corporation T-Shirt | Anvil Explosives | Fringe Focus

These will be shipping in late April, so please order your size (available in S through XXL) now so we have an adequate supply.

ACME Corporation T-Shirt | Anvil Explosives | Fringe Focus

Shipping Update & The Poker Lexicon The Poker Lexicon | Poker Vocabulary Poster | Fringe Focus

This poker poster is a major step for me and the company. I’ve been recovering from severe Major Depressive Disorder, and was unable to draw / ship / operate for several months. This poster is entirely an effort to bring funds (and normalcy) back to Fringe Focus, so I can order materials, ship tubes, ship frames, etc. In addition to depression being an insanely tough battle, I also have to pay for this leave of absence (literally) due to my lack of any art releases since June 2016.

My goal is to ship The Poker Lexicon posters later, towards the end of April. My priorities instead will be on older orders / packages (Apollos, Frames, etc.) throughout March. I hope to revamp customer service, answer emails, etc. Truly sorry about the trouble, and I hope to keep everyone posted now that I’m building things back up.

250 poker terms in one densely packed infographic poster.

The Poker Lexicon

While I haven’t been playing much recently, throughout my life I’ve been super fascinated and psyched about poker. My friends and I often had Texas Hold’em tournaments (home games, we sadly aren’t very good). There is insane depth and complexity to the game. It’s a profession, a culture, a way of life for some people… and all you really need is a deck of cards.

The Poker Lexicon | Poker Vocabulary Infographic Poster | Fringe Focus

I wrote down everything I’ve learned over the years, and collected hundreds more poker terms into a spreadsheet. Then I boiled this down into roughly 250 terms across 52 categories. I organized all of these (somehow) into an illustrated 18 x 24″ infographic poster.

The Poker Lexicon is ridiculously densely packed. Like if you didn’t know much about poker, this is plenty to get you started. If you DO know a lot about poker, then this is a simply a way better looking alternative to any poker related art that I’ve seen.

  • The Poker Lexicon | Poker Vocabulary Infographic Posters
  • Title: The Poker Lexicon
  • Signed by Rob Loukotka
  • 18 x 24″
  • 2 Color screen print

Available now for just $39

These open edition posters will be screen printed on thick 100C cover stock. Each big 18 x 24″ poster will be signed by hand (by me!). I loved researching this print and finally getting back to work. If you have any other ‘Lexicon’ (vocab) type posters you’d like to see me do, let me know! This one was fun.

— Rob Loukotka, Donk (that means I’m bad at poker)

PS – Thanks for all of your help and patience over the past year! I hope 2017 will be awesome.

Depression & Business Update

On December 2nd 2016, I announced the following in my newsletter (wanted to ensure it was here on the blog for any customers that missed it):

“I draw pictures for a living, but I’m also clinically depressed. I posted about this in my Depression sucks! Also, where is my poster? Nov 16 post on Kickstarter. I am overjoyed and humbled and thankful for the dozens (perhaps hundreds) of messages and encouraging emails I have received since then.

My closest friends are a handful of people. My family is ~ dozens of people. But my customers and fans of my art in general are over 5,000 people! So it’s weirdly important for me to explain my situation to folks like you, who may not know me personally, but might have my art hanging in their hallways or offices.

I had the ACME Kickstarter with over 3,000 customers, and the Apollo 11 Kickstarter with nearly 1,000 people. In between then have been dozens of fun personal projects that thousands more folks have added to their homes. My company has grown from just my side project to a real company with employees, and I can’t even count how many countries we have shipped art to. It’s surreal and fun and amazing!

But in the past year my brain decided “welllllllll shit”. And I can barely function. I rarely see friends, make any art, or even get out of bed on a bad day. It happened gradually but still quickly enough to be absolutely terrifying. It’s been nearly impossible to have a good day, or create new artwork, or even just pay the bills and be a human being.

Depression REALLY sucks. Like, holy shit. And if you have friends or family members suffering from this, I deeply encourage you to reach out and say hi to them, and that you care about them. The tiniest forms of gratitude or encouragement have helped me quite a bit, and I’m sure the same is true for other people in your lives.

I don’t know what this email is about, or why as a business owner I’d email it to 5,000 people without promoting any product or artwork or whatever. But right now I need people to know I am working my ass off to fix myself. I went to an actual hospital and got a legit psychiatrist and therapist, I’ve joined an amazing depression support group, and I’ve been reading as many books as I can to learn more about how to stop this. (If you have advice or suggestions, PLEASE let me know).

I want to draw cool pictures, and print cool shit, and make everybody’s life .001% better. And the reason I haven’t done that much in 2016 is just my impaired brain. But I promise (with your help) that 2017 is going to be better. And I am excited! So stay tuned.

– Rob Loukotka – person.

PS – If you’ve ordered art this past quarter or so and it’s been delayed, this is why. I am doing my best and can obviously refund folks if gift deadlines were missed. I have recruited close friends to help me ship artwork, so please thank my girlfriend Jenn and my other friends when your art arrives, as they surely are responsible for anything positive right now.”

In the blog post following this one, I announce a new poster (first one in 8 months) that was created specifically to raise funds for Fringe Focus to ship all remaining old & late orders. Appreciate your patience!

The Apollo 11 Collection The Apollo 11 Collection

The Apollo 11 Collection Poster

I spent basically a whole month researching all of the original manifests and stowage lists of NASA’s Apollo 11 mission. I collected over 200 items that we sent to the moon, and illustrated 69 of them on one poster (in reference to the historic 1969 moon landing).

200+ items, 69 illustrations, on one 18×24″ poster printed with metallic silver ink. Available now on Kickstarter.

This poster follows in the footsteps of my popular ACME Corporation poster (which collected 126 ACME Co. items). The ACME print took forever to draw, and raised $105,000 on Kickstarter. This Apollo poster is similarly ambitious, but a bit more factual / educational.

Apollo 11 Collection in the news

The Apollo 11 Collection has already been featured on Gizmodo / io9,, Mental Floss, Cool Material, Tested, and more!

Adam Savage (of Mythbusters / Tested) digs it too! Very humbling and cool because I’ve been a huge fan of Tested and Mythbusters forever, and I know Adam is an even bigger Apollo 11 nerd than I am (and I am a big nerd).

Basically, this poster is super fascinating if you have any interest in space tech, space history, or NASA gadgets in general. It’s going to look great up on a wall, and is available for just $29 (with free shipping in the US) on Kickstarter. 9 days left in the campaign as of right now, so get at it!

The Apollo 11 Collection Close Up